LFG -- Online PF2

Looking to join an online PF2 group. I prefer biweekly games, but I could make a weekly game work, depending on schedules.

I have two characters that I would love to get back into playing. One is a level 12 Tiefling monk (this was before PF2 officially released the Tiefling ancestry, so there may be some misalignment between his abilities and official ancestry abilities), and a level 13 goblin bard.

Also happy to start off with a fresh level 1 character.

Reach out if interested in seeing if I’d be a good party member :slight_smile:

Would you like to play a game that has been described as: If D&D and Cyberpunk had a baby?
My Shadowrun 4th Edition game (which I have an ad here in the looking for players (2 more players) section still has at least on more slot open (I don’t mind brand new to the game players, but prefer to limit them to no more than 2 per session).

I do have some PreGens available such as Street Samurais (aka Fighters) and a Pixie (winged guy that is 24 inches tall) Rigger (Drone Operator) and can quickly make one if you prefer close-in, or range Combat (or equally good with both)

Tim. (eaglehunts.shadowrun@gmail.com)

I’m not too familiar with shadow run… let me look into the system and see if it’s something I’d be interested in :slight_smile:

also, what kind of a DM are you? do you prefer to run a really tight ship, or do you enjoy when there are some antics and what not happening among players? I just want to make sure that I, as a player, would be a good fit for you and your group :slight_smile:

I like to allow players to “go off script”. Just like in 1976 (yeah I’m that old) at GenCon where a GM allowed me to use a Strawberry Pie to blind someone wearing full plate armor (basically fight blind or open his helmet to get the strawberry filling out of his visor slit and eyes)!

Shadowrun is a Stat+Skill (+/- modifiers) = # of 6 sided dice you roll. 5s & 6s are successes. There are several Metahuman and Sapient Being variants (Centaurs, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Nagas, Orks, Trolls, and more) to choose from.

There are no “classes” but “Archetypes” like Street Samurai (but you can specialize in close combat only, or range combat only), or be very good, but not great at fighting but have a lot of Skills that can support the Group.

I do like “3 dimensional” players .vs. a “sell sword” that basically can only fight, or a magic user that can’t fight her/his way out of a wet paper bag if they can’t cast a spell for one reason or another…

Forgot to add that I made a slight mistake in my math about what time the game is in reference to Zulu time (GMT time) it is now (in the Spring) at 2400 for both time zones.

It is still (US) 7pm to 10pm Eastern, aka 6pm to 9pm Central.

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