LFG Offline in New York City

Genres I like

Pretty much anything that has a balance of serious and fluff elements. Fantasy (high or low) is my default, but I enjoy sci-fi and would never pass on a good space opera. Post-apocalyptic gets a little too grim for my taste; anime generally gets a little too light.

Systems I like

I’m partial to D&D 3.5, with AD&D and Pathfinder 1e tied for second favorite. I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve played of Exalted. D&D 5e is fine too, as long as there’s an interesting story to be told.

Styles of games that I like

I like exploring a world, building relationships, and occasionally getting to delve into mechanical crunch via combat or crafting. I tend to play characters that are diplomatic in preference to those that are overtly aggressive, but diplomacy does not necessarily entail either side of the alignment spectrum. I like games that are about role-playing but aren’t afraid of crunch.

What I am looking for in a group

I’m looking for a long-term group in New York City, ideally with a regular schedule and in-person. I’m pretty easy going, but I do generally play characters straight; I’d appreciate a group that can joke at the table without reducing the game to slapstick. Mostly, though, it’d be great to meet other NYC gamers for more than one-shots!

My gaming availability

Saturdays are best for me, but I have time available throughout the week. If we make plans, I expect to stick to them as a rule.

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That sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll send you a message.

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