LFG Between Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam in WI

I’m looking for a group in east-central Wisconsin, somewhere between Beaver Dam and Fond du Lac. I haven’t played a TTRPG in years, and I’ve been wanting to get back into it. All my friends who I played with back in the day are either too busy to play nowadays, or have full tables.

When it comes to systems, I’m most used to Pathfinder 1e, and a little bit of D&D 5e. I figure I can easily adapt to Pathfinder 2e or D&D 3.5e, if I need to. At this point, I’m willing to learn a whole new system. In fact, I’ve been saving up a bit money lately, and I have a $100 Visa card I got as a bonus from my job, so I’m perfectly willing to dive into a completely new system entirely. I really want to try out something in World of Darness in particular though, but I can try anything at this point.

I work second shift at my job, 3:00 PM to 1:30 AM, Mon-Thurs, but I frequently have overtime on Friday, so I’m for sure free Saturday and Sunday nights.

I’d prefer this to be an in person group, but I can play online as well.

My discord is swirlby, and my email is blaudolff@yahoo.com. Those are the best ways to contact me.

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