Let's Build a Local Gamer Network

Instead of recruiting 1 or 2 players for a specific game and then disappearing into a dark basement, let’s meet up for coffee/beer, trade gaming stories, find out who likes which games, and start to expand our pool of local gamers that play the same games we do.

I also like to organize one-shots and demos at Libraries or Game Shops, so definitely hit me up if you’re interested in something like that!

Lastly, Top Tier has a decent local discord if you’re interested!


Sounds great! Yeah could even find midpoint everyone could meet up at that would minimize travel for everyone involved. Could even paint it as a mini con…The Pen and Paper Games 1st annual table meet!

There used to be a site with a world map and you could pin yourself on it and then see who else had pinned themselves on the map, and click on their profile and send them a message. Back in the day I found several players through that site when I had moved to a new city. These days people might be hesitant to use such a site for fear of exposing their RW location to potential predators, but the internet used to be a much more innocent place at one time…

(edit) I found my old bookmark for the site. It is long gone and the url is just a placeholder for some server company now. Some things don’t last.