Legion of Myth and other gamer resources

Good Morning,

I’d like to give these guys a quick shout out. A gathering of many seasoned gamers, who stream and have youtube, rumble, minds, locals, and twitch videos on a wide variety of topics pertaining to our awesome nerd subculture (gaming/comics/etc). Consider giving them a look-see. Much obliged.

Legion of Myth is a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about tabletop role-playing games and the TTRPG hobby as a whole.

Find many of our videos and social media links at https://legionofmyth.tv/ , https://www.youtube.com/@LegionofMyth/about , and join our Discord at Legion of Myth to chat with other passionate TTRPG players – no matter the game you play.

On an unrelated/related note - although discussed in many gamer groups lately: