Last completed miniatures project

A slew of minis that were backlogged way too long. I got them polished off and based finally but it was upwards of 8 months of stalling to get there.

North African Askari for Iron Cross World War II 15mm game.

A Chaos Space Marine, some halflings, and some of the Bloodborne board game figures.

More of the Bloodborne figures I’m about half done with the entire series of expansions and base game. Taking a break cause it’s just SO much gray on these figures.

Finally some Dacian javelin skirmishers for Infamy Infamy or Caesar Rampant. A new set of minis are already primed and I’m hoping I can find the focus to get them done in less than eight months!

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And choosing a less obscene picture size makes them go upside down? :rofl:

I think the software as a few bugs to work out.