Knave Second Edition - Ben Milton

Another Kickstarter received. This one was started in May 2023 in the wake of the OGL stuff, and is the largest Kickstarter I’ve been a part of at $645,580 (the second largest I was a part of was Garbage & Glory by Wet Ink Games at $50,997).
According to information provided in the book, they did a print run of 10,000 for the standard book, and 4,000 for the premium. It is available as a pdf on DTRPG as of 6/18/2024 for $19.99. You can get physical copies through The standard book combo is $35, with premium being $50, plus any applicable taxes and shipping. The page count is 80, but there is a lot of information crammed into those pages.
The basic rules cover the front and back covers for real quick access on the more basic questions. There are about 75 d100 tables throughout the book to help with world creation. The rules start with GM and player duties. GM duties include: create locations, let players guide the action, and keep the game moving. Player duties include: assist the GM, create and play your character, and take initiative.
Ability scores and PC creation take up all of 1 page. PCs start with 6 HP and have 3 points to spread over your 6 abilities. Some abilities will be 0, while others have a number (which is by design), but you can improve scores as you gain XP. To reach level 2 you need 2,000 XP and it doubles for each level (with level 8 needing 125,000 instead of the true double of 128,000). Time is broken up into watches, 3 for day and 3 for night. The artwork is very old-school (it is an Old School Revival Game after all). There aren’t officially any classes, so one can have a little more free reign on how they want to play their character. If playing a spellcaster type, you can cast as many spells per day as you have INT points. There is also relic magic, which is cleric type magic. For money, there is only coins. Common items are 5 coins, with rarer stuff costing more. There is a bestiary with some creatures included though it wouldn’t be difficult to use any creature from any module, or even adapt the module in total to the game.
This provides the basic framework and rules to run the game, although you do need to set up the world from the ground up and it is designed to be compatible with all versions of the world’s most well known game, or any in general.

EDIT: From the Publisher. Meant to add this earlier.