Khaeorr - Rise of the Dark Rim - Unique homebrew Adnd 1e

About the Game

Khaeorr - Rise of the Dark Rim

Played in person or discord.

Explore a world reimagining of all you know, from the foundations of medieval fantasy, with a twist of trek…

Just message for more info, just know games are wednesdays and sundays starting at 1pm EST (10am PST my time)

#DM: Jim G
#Date: Wednesdays and Sundays
#Time: 1pm EST (10am pst my time)
#Levels: earliests
#Gameplay: a unique hybrid of many, primarily founded in early dnd editions.
#Edition: 1e+
#Homebrew/UA Permitted?: Specifically.
#Players: (total # of players allowed) 4

Seeking serious consistant players who show strong commitment. I spend 12 hours a week preparing for a session, so, equal effort by just showing up please.

Special “back of the box” details…

Special : A proposed “living” game world shaped and updated by player action.

Every character gets “born” with features randomly, half the time, meaning rolls are made for many attributes usually chosen directly by players in other games.
A semi-unique backgroud generation system that will be integrated into the world as a new organic upgrade, meaning a characters life will become part of the world persistant.
Every player-character ends up having nearly 5 pages of back story generated, on average, ideally, when fully up and running.
Every player-character ends up having a 3d model generated, on average, ideally, when fully up and running.

The world is on a planet larger than jupiter, and mapped in 3d, using magic and matter oddness to equate fantasy humanoid norms, yet allow for quite truly next level epic sage journeys.

Think forgotten realms meets ebberon (i think) meets lotr meet a bit of trek, in that its a fantasy world with tens of thousands of years to advance, yet due to local phenomenon, locked forever in “modus medieva”, where realmspace limits traditional science allowed in other parts of the verse.

New to the hobby or seasoned pro? Perfect! Message if ya wanna join!

When We Play

wednesdays and sundays at 10am pst

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