Joining the 21st Century

The game table is covered with computer gear. A 32" TV, 15" monitor, a Raspberry Pi computer, camera, mic and so forth. I am working to bring the game room into the world of remote gaming.

This as been a desire for some time, but one of my players currently unable to attend has the means to call in. I want to have the means to do that. The Pi has kicked around for a while. I have friends on the wrong side of the country. This will help that as well.

I had to stop yesterday, third time I nearly destroyed something I figured I was too clumsy to be allowed near anything more complex than a brick. We quit for the night camera not yet working. I do have the instruction on how to do that now.

I’ll get this done so that when I’m not laid up we can game, regardless. Laid up? I will have surgery on my right thumb Thursday. A long time issue I am tired of. So I’ll have a right club for I don’t know how long. My wife will have to do the delicate stuff.

Updates when I have them.

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I applaud the efforts, I should probably get on that, might aid my other plight.

I am trying to get ahold of YetiHi5 email is

i can’t help there. sorry but i’m limited to one hand at the moment\t. ligament reconstruction. my right hand is in a cast.

May your recovery be swift and without complications!

thank you. typing like archie the cockroach.

hey, aren’t there voice recognition programs that type out what you speak?

not on the main box here.