Interest in Greyhawk?

Just curious who here has an interest in Greyhawk? How do you use the setting, or materials from the setting in your games?

And specifically, @tesral I hope to hear from you. =D


I suppose it depends on which materials. I will consider anything. I might use it might not. Mazteka for example got used as ancient history. I have many Greyhawk bits and pieces on the shelves.

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I was thinking more people than books this time. I’ve been hanging out on the Canonfire discord server (Greyhawk), and thus met the author of the Greyhawk Gazetteer and the original player of Robilar, if you recall whom I’m referring to.

Thought you might be interested possibly.

My Discord experience is highly limited.

It can be thought of as a fancy instant messenger with history and options for voice (which I use infrequently) and video streaming (which I completely ignore). It will keep track of where one last read a given channel which allows the option of reading the backlog, but that is optional as well.

I’ve used it, but very little.