Inspiration for a Space Opera, Stellar Campaign

Hey there fellow space adventurers!

I’m in the midst of crafting a campaign, and I’m aiming for a Space Opera with all the grandeur, drama, and interstellar intrigue one can imagine. Think vast star systems to galactic zones, ancient civilizations, epic space battles, intricate politics, and deep lore. I’m talking about a setting where starships are as common as cars and alien species are as diverse as the stars themselves. Very much on the softer side of sci-fi, fantasy and mysticism is fine.

Let me know if you find any Space Opera books, shows, games or other media that have given you an itch for adventure among the stars! I’m open to lesser known indie stuff too.

Mass Effect series.

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I forgot about the ‘Farscape’ TV series. That was quite fun.

I seem to recall the ‘Space Rangers’ TV series from the 90s. It didn’t last long. I’m pretty sure it was a very corny show, either due to over-the-top acting or because the writing was way out there. I’ll have to find it to refresh my memory. I dimly remember an alien barbarian hatched from a cocoon who had to wear a psychic collar, a thick space-gnome mechanized ship mechanic, a weapons specialist, a goofy space ranger, and Linda Hunt playing a commander or station chief.

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