Index Dungeons

I bought a few index cards a while back on a whim, and recently I’ve been throwing out a few rooms and corridors to try and build a collection of my own one page dungeon style cards. I’m rolling the names randomly, which is really adding to the fun since I’m not really determining anything before I sit down to rock on. They’re done on 4x6 (5mm grid) index cards, drawn in pencil and using fine liners to go over and erase. Same for the text. I wanna try and experiment with some font inking for the titles, but I have no clue where to start on a few soon.

Thought I’d share here if anyone is interested.

Single side

Side A

Side B

ps; these aren’t for any setting or anything else that like. I use Gygax’s Book of Names in the syllable chapters to pick out random ones for any kind of noun; I dunno why, but nonsensical syllables for nouns feels… pulpy?


I love it! It’s a great GM exercise to just be creative for the sake of it. I tend to start the actual ‘work’ of my games on paper. I’m thinking about them all the time but then stop to write things out and start making decisions and commitments to myself.

This feels really good to see :slight_smile:

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More please! They are neat!

These are very cool. Great idea!

New one done; tried a different type of emphasis on the outside of the walls as well. Definitely inspired by 8th-9th century British history.

Fun fact; “Haar” is a cold sea fog that often forms on the east coast of the Great Britain from autumn to mid spring.


Very Cool!