In the coming weeks

Birfday season is here, and between fam-related gift cards and my own want to give myself a present, there will be some new reviews coming. Just started the first read-through of Tales From the Loop, and have a few (9) new Tiny D6 books coming, which include 4 Tinyzine Yearly Compendiums (2018 - 2011), and a few new Tiny D6 games to add to the collection. The Tiny D6 items I feel like were unavailable until recently in print as I have them in PDF and don’t remember there being a print option available when I first bought them (within the last 18 months) otherwise I would have done so in print. So, yeah, when I get the chance to get through them (the usual twice), I think they’ll get the ‘At a Glance’ look. Tales From the Loop was purchased through Amazon (fortunately, or unfortunately, as that was where the gift card was for), so if a price is listed, it will be most likely for Amazon.