How to Secure a Dungeon

Army - The Army would secure a dungeon by locking all doors, put bars on the windows, and establish one entrance with a guard post and armed guards and carefully check the IDs of all personnel who try to enter.

Navy - The Navy would secure a dungeon by swabbing all decks, turn off all coffee pots, turn off all lights, lock all office doors, and lock all entrances as they leave the dungeon.

Marines - The Marines would secure a dungeon by assaulting it with a
combined arms team, breaking into all interior rooms, shooting all
resistance, and planting demolition charges as they evacuate in an
orderly manner. They would then level the dungeon to prevent further
enemy use.

Air Force - The Air Force would secure a dungeon by having the Base
Contracting Officer negotiate a three-year lease with a option to purchase.


That pretty much nails it! :grin:

Retired Navy here… that’s 100% accurate for all shore-based dungeons… shipboard dungeons would have a duty section to man the dungeon after hours with roving fire and security patrols, at least while in-port :wink:

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:grinning: While still afloat. Being a Dungeon it might not be. However we cannot discount undead ratings patrolling the companionways. Chief Undead with coffee cups of seawater.

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Chief Undead with coffee cups of seawater.

Oh. My. GOD. It all makes SO much sense now. It’s said that intelligent undead hate the living, which explains… well, everything. And they even have the audacity to broadcast it in plain sight!

Of course they hate the living, they have all the coffee.