HighCaster 2E

While “officially” the same game, let’s talk about the differences. Gone is anything 1.0a related. Replacing what bit was lost is tons of new setting specific source material. There is also a bunch of new artwork, including maps of the “world” and the different empires. It still includes how to incorporate modules and whatnot from other games, albeit in broader strokes and more generalized terms. Do you necessarily need to pick it up if you recently got 1E, or were part of the Kickstarter? Not really, as the mechanics are the same, however I feel the added source material is worth replacing it to broaden the gaming experience. The 2E, to me, feels bigger and fuller with the added information. And the new artwork is amazing. For more overall look at the game, see my “At a Glance” of 1E.

The dtrpg link: DriveThruRPG

UPDATE: Something I forgot to add in the original review: the information in the rules that are Creative Commons (CC) [more specifically {CC BY- SA} is listed under the chapter heading to give you a better and complete idea of what is able to be used as opposed to what is not able to be used. In other words, basically everything that is considered "Dungeoncaster (or at least 90+%) is usable as long as credit is given. I think it was a nice little detail to throw in, and not one that was (necessarily) necessary.

UPDATE 2: @tesral I remembered to tag you, albeit after the fact. Here you go, Bub. If you watched the actual play, hope you enjoyed it, or are enjoying it (there’s a spot or two in part 4 that makes me give a serious “boo-f*kin’ yeah” for creative thinking and being reactive to how they acted earlier). Once/if you get there, you’ll understand.

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I’m not familiar with the game or system at all, but that’s some interesting pricing on dt.

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If you’d like to watch an actual play: Highcaster: Oathstar - YouTube It’s actually part 1 of 6. And I agree that PDF + Softcover price is rather unique looking. Not sure what’s up with that. I have noticed some of the prices on DTRPG have been a little goofy at times lately.