HeroQuest [homebrew]

About the Game

I’m looking to get back into role playing games starting off with HeroQuest + some house rules that the group agrees to. Kind of like to crowdsource some home brew rules.

For example. I have one page skirmish and Microlite2020, but also Basic Fantasy.

For now skirmish focused.

When We Play

Saturday or Sunday 12-3.

Is this Heroquest the board game inspired, but with rpg type rules?


I have a few rpg lite rules such as microlite20

I guess my next question would be, is this in person or can it be played online?

I remember Heroquest and later Warhammer Quest having a very old school dungeon crawl feel, but still very gritty in nature. When I mean old school I don’t necessarily mean Dungeons & Dragons, but instead just basic fantasy tropes.

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