HERO 6th ed adaptation of pre-made D&D adventure (online)

First, I find I never get to play unless I run a game, so I am offering to run one. However, if someone needs a player, I WOULD love to join.

HERO (used to be called champions) is an open point buy system (like GURPS). I find its elements conducive to a less RP-heavy campaign when compared to other universal systems.

The type of game I run is puzzly, dungeon crawl heavy, and strategic combat with RP interaction aimed to progress the story, but not completely depend upon it. In short, I am competent when the game is 75/25% combat/RP and I have a pre-made adventure to help bridge major plot points.

I am very adaptable and pragmatic, but I get lost in details, so constructing a narrative from scratch leads to large plot holes, unclear character motivations, and other issues. However, with a pre-made adventure serving as a guide, my adaptability leads to an engaging narrative.

As a player, I like any mix (except combat as a last resort). I also like any genre.

I am open to running the game in pathfinder 2e, D&D 5e, or D&D 4e, but I have always loved the open-ended character design of HERO. I have run multiple games in 4e, one in HERO, multiple in 3.5e.

I am more than happy to teach whatever system.

I am in Phoenix Metro area, where we do not observe Daylight Savings Time. As such, right now it is MST, but soon we will be PDT. I was thinking 7 pm to a good stopping point on Mon, Tues, and/or Sat.

I am pretty old school, so I do not have a discord account. Just PM here if interested.

I do love me some Hero System - but I already have games on Mon, Tues, and about half of my Saturdays.

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