Hellooooo,...... is there anybody out there....?

I’ll take what I can get. I cut my teeth on the old red-box.

I’m familiar with many settings/systems, tried even more, and motivated enough to learn the rest.

I enjoy the RP bit, (my PC is more than the sum of his stats), but sometimes the dice-chucking part is inevitable.

Beer and pretzels type, love a good story, mostly just wanna have fun in a good, face-to-face group setting.

I’m willing to try to make it work. I am big into reliability, commitment, and dependability.

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Your Location?

DOH!,… Thank you!

I bit of commute to me. I’;m in southeast Michigan.

I run a game of pathfinder 1e over facebook video chat, and we really need a melee warrior type. I have an NPC made. You basically need a high ac, decent hp, darkvision, stealth, high saving throws. Real tank type.

this is as close to face to face as I can get. wish I could do more.

I mean, I could just move to Michigan. I hear its beautiful this time of year.

I think it always beautiful, but I might be prejudiced.

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Hi, I’m hoping to get my Shadowrun game (4th Ed) restarted, however, SR isn’t for everyone!
It is very Detailed oriented (as in different Rifles. Armor combinations, vehicles, Plus Modifications to each and every one of these items!)
I’m also currently playing in an ONLINE Every-Other-Saturday PathFinder game.
Do you want me to pass your name onto our GM?

Local games ina location. On-line a day and time.

Sorry, tried to respond by clicking “Reply” on the email that P&P sent me! (Oppsss!)

Next game is 4p > 10p CST; 18NOV.
We’ve basically cleared out the Big Bad Guys in a cave system, and are going back in to do a proper search for loot (err) more monsters! Then we’ll probably set sail for another part of the Campaign…

We have four players at this time:

  1. A “Rogue” multi-class
  2. A “Cleric” who is an Exorcist who has some healing
  3. A Ranged Magus (think of a Magical Ranger)
  4. me: A Gunslinger/Swashbuckler, who sucks at
    My firearms normally do more
    Damage than a Critical with my
    Rapier (on Avg.)

I’m Tim (eaglehunts.shadowrun@gmail.com) Please email me so we don’t have to do P&P all the time. This will also make it easier for the GM to contact you.

I know you are looking for a f2f group (don’t we all want a good f2f group). But if you would consider an online group, I’m looking for 1 or 2 players for an online groip I run on Skype every other Saturday set in Greyhawk.

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Hey! I’m looking for a group as well and i’d love to join one. I am a teen and i live in Jersey as well. I do not know if i would be allowed to do a face to face group as i would have to confirm with my parents first. if there is anyway you are still looking for a group please let me know!

Good luck with that. Michigan is a bit far.

If you want Face to Face, may I suggest stating what town & state you live in?

I’m in the process of restarting the game, but as a Face To Face in the nearby town of Brattleboro, VT

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