Heckin' Good Doggos by Wet Ink Games

So, play a ttrpg where all the PC’s are dogs? Sounded interesting enough for me to back it on Kickstarter, complete with the official Heckin’ Good Doggos deck of playing cards. As of 12/19/2022, the pdf for the rule book is $10, as is the Fetch Quests pdf on DTRPG.
Chapter One starts us with part one of a story “Festival of Friends.” Part 2 will pick up in a couple chapters to finish the story. It’s our first look into the world we will be playing in.
Chapter 2 (for my purposes), is the Introduction of the book, does what most early chapters do, introducing newbies to RPG’s in general, and a little more about the game world.
The next chapter (officially Chapter One) explains the rules of the game. Some key (and interesting) rules about the game include: the system used is called the +ONE system. You can use the system to add a d6 to your dice pool, or also to add a pip to dice already rolled to make a success.
The other interesting rule is the use of a deck of cards (any deck of standard playing cards will do). Each suit ties to a different theme. Narratively and in combat scenarios: spades = friends; hearts = cutes; diamonds = teeth; and clubs = paws; the jokers function as any card; and each has a brief description if their job in the story. How many cards of a suit the PC’s need depends on the situation.
Next, we get part two of the Festival of Friends story, giving a little more necessary world information.
Then we get into character creation. It’s pretty straight-forward. Your archetype is the main way you interact; you spend 10 points among your attributes; select 3 skills; create a short backstory (like who owner, or best friend, is) and you’re good to go.
“A Night at the Pound” is another story in the world of the game. The included stories are an interesting way to introduce one to the world, instead of genericizing a game, and allowing you to get a feel for the mechanics.
Neighborhood Pals goes into more rules; including the pack as a group, canine politics, and dealing with pests or the mundane.
There are 5 micro-settings included. Hexin’ Good Doggos is about handling supernatural events. Mechin’ Good Doggos is pretty self-explanatory. You can use Wreckin’ Good Doggos if looking for post-apocalyptic fun. Ye Olde Favorable Hounds sets you in a medieval setting and magic. Super Good Doggos, for all your superhero wants and needs.
The game is designed for all ages and experience levels. I am glad I backed this, and can’t wait to run a session or two.

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ESlBDVJvNddmK6WX71fnbIjk_KKSSli actual play