Headlines that make gamers eyes twitch:

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a “board game”…

a board game… yawll… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :unamused:

They did battleship… We’all know how well THAT worked. Oh and way back there was Clue. Also hailed as a total dog and money grab. It had the gimmick of four different endings and you had to chase them around your local theaters, if you had more than one.

There was that D&D movie which was no gem. I would get into the AD&D TV show but that is a grand mal seizure.

In short the track record is horrible.

But they are calling Warhammer 40k a “board game”… Author either doesn’t know a thing about the subject matter, or they are pandering to people who will never go see that movie anyway. Clue was a delight, so that actual board game tie in gets a huge pass.

That last thing the average media “journalist” learns is how to pander to the media bosses. Calling 40k a board game is about par for the course. Still make your eyes roll like dice.

I’m all in on the potential. Henry Cavill is involved and loves the game. That and quitting the Witcher because it wasn’t loyal to the materials give me great hope.

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patiently waits for film makers to realize BattleTech is a colossally epic movie series just waiting to happen

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Sadly most of the sign-the-line people will simply say that the last few giant robot Michie didn’t meet their income expectations, so “no”.