Google Docs new Chips feature

If you use google docs for writing and have ever wanted an easy way to reference a 2nd document without having to open it… well they did it.

Typing the @ symbol and typing out part of the document’s name brings up a list you can select from. It puts a nice little link to the document in your current document. Clicking on it lets you pull up a preview window. And you can open the referenced too.

Sorry, I was so excited I had to share. I find Google Docs annoying sometimes, but this feature is a welcome addition.

It has the potential to make campaign management easier and more universal.


I’ve been using Google Docs for a lot, it’s no doubt a very useful tool!

Computer Rule 2: Data not on your computer is not your data.

Referencing other documents is why I have two monitors.


Love it and didn’t notice. Thanks for sharing!!

I’ve used google docs in the past, linking my various documents wiki-style. You’ve been able to link to different docs for a while, but linking with a simple @ sign would be super useful. I moved on to OneNote, though, as google docs tend to load slowly when you have a bunch of images and linked documents.

I have WAY too much fondness for GoogleDoc and Sheet features!
Thanks for sharing!