Global Crisis Co-operative Card Game

So, as the “P” word was just starting to flare up in 2020, I was starting to find my Kickstarter groove. I was looking for something different and came across this. The principle idea of the game intrigued me: climate crisis is at hand and world leaders need to work together to try and bring it back from the brink. The wild card is the optional Agent of Chaos, a card that doesn’t “have” to be utilized during gameplay.
My only real nit on the game is the rules. The rules themselves are clear, but instead of a booklet, it’s a double sided sheet with all necessary rules. While it works, I would have hoped for a little more as a consumer, and would have been willing to pay a little more for it. In doing some research for this, I’m not showing it in stock on the Studio 9 Games website, so I’m not sure if it is temporarily out of stock, or if it just wasn’t selling and they halted printing.
The cardstock is on par with any game of the type out there, and the artwork is pretty slick in my opinion (will try to remember to upload some pics at some point). The idea behind the game is solid, as is play. It includes 55 challenge cards (5 sets of 11), 34 asset cards (some abstract, some material), 5 action cards, and 8 leader cards, including the aforementioned Agent of Chaos. it retails around $15 if you can find it. It’s designed for 2 - 5 players 13+, and is playable in about an hour.