Getting a little stupid at WotC

The Pinkerton-Wizards of the Coast Connection - YouTube While I would agree they had reason to try and get their items back, their methods are somewhat wanting in my opinion.

I hate to say it but the operating procedure for American corporations is not “Is thist he ethical thing to do?” but “Can we get away with it, and if not can we absorb the fine without impacting Executive bosuns?”

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Amazing that they picked the most heavy-handed way to deal with it, with the worst possible optics, right on the heels of the OGL fiasco. This isn’t just stupidity, it’s Advanced Idiocy & Imbeciles 2nd Edition. The only way they could have done worse would be convincing some actual law enforcement to do a no-knock raid and shoot the guy’s dog.

What’s wrong with calling the guy up and saying, oops, they made a mistake and you weren’t supposed to get that. How about you give them back to us, we’ll get you what you should have, and maybe throw in a little something extra for helping us out. I don’t know MTG enough to know what would be a good incentive but surely there’s something they could offer. They’d get cooperation cleaning up, an influencer(?) telling people how well they handled it and how nice they were to deal with, and generate some goodwill which they are desperately in need of. Instead, not a single person in the decision chain put a hard stop on sending private goons to steal from a guy with an audience. How long until Hasbro either cuts them loose, or decides to give them the White Wolf treatment and absorb them completely?