Gauging interest in the Fort Worth area

I am looking to see if there is any interest in the Fort Worth/DFW area for a Dungeons and Dragons 5e group.

Actually, multiple groups most likely. Serious RPers, goofy RPers, casual, newbies, experienced. Any and all types for this undertaking.

Once we get a good feel for each other and are dependable and reliable (we all know RL gets in the way sometimes) this might evolve into a podcast or stream.

I’ve been DMing for a very long time and took a hiatus for a while. Can’t really explain my style except the point is for everyone to be able to cast off real life for a few hours and have some good entertainment.

It’s your story. I’m just here to tell it.

Anyway spread the word. Post it wherever and if enough are interested, I can only promise you an epic adventure.

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