Four Extroverts looking for online GM

We are four disabled extroverts looking for someone to run a game for us. We need social interaction and love gaming. System and genre doesn’t matter. If there’s something you’ve been dying to run and want four hard core roleplayers (two with acting experience, one who’s an opera singer, and the last who’s a psychotic puppy) we would love for you to run a game for us.

Our schedule is wide open so whenever works for you works for us.

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I made an account just to reply to this, I currently wanna run a campaing on world of darkness, vampire the masquerade 5th edition, if it’s of any interest to you guys I would love you to join in, message me for details, I’ll give you my discord and we can arrange the schedule

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Oh, man! I run text-games, but I would so love to run a voiced D&D game with an honest-to-god opera singer playing a bard or something! Sing me some opera to make your spells and abilities work! :stuck_out_tongue: (Edit, I hate when software converts my ascii emoji into pics! Gimme back my ascii!)

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Yes! We’re absolutely down for both of those games. Also, if anyone else is interested we will play all the games! Seriously.

Also, to make things faster – Discord: Aazlor#7515

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I’ll hit you on Discord.
I am currently playtesting the expanded edition of CORE — a minimalist universal hybrid system built for character-based emergent story — and I’d love to put together a setting based on your group’s own personal inspirations. You can check out the CORE MICRO SRD here: CORE Micro –

I’m not running a game right now but I normally run Delta Green or Call of Cthulhu. I think running a game with people that have acting experience and that would instinctively know how to act out a character’s bio would be a tremendous amount of fun. And if I had someone with opera experience I would definitely incorporate that into the game.

Oooooo! That sounds freaking awesome! We would totally be down.

I run a pathfinder 1e game and have 2 players, but I need one to 3 more to get a game going again. Could use a warrior and a cleric, as Tyrant’s Grasp is undead heavy. If you want more details, email me at I run pathfinder prewritten campaigns.

My name is Tim and I’m currently running a Shadowrun 4th Edition game (yeah, I know, the current one is 6th ed, but I like how 4th Ed works!). We’re ONLINE Game Every-Other-Saturday.

Shadowrun has often been called D&d and Cyberpunk had a baby. (or similar indication of melding). Year is 2075 humans have had Dwarf, Elf, Ork, and Trolls as well as human babies (although now it pretty much is the offspring of the parents is the same Race as the parents (no half elves, half orks, etc.). Centaurs, Pixies, and Dragons have return as well as “Undead”.

There are a few “riddles” in my game like why is Evening Dew (a centaur) so big , strong, fast, and tech savvy (Centaurs are normally Uneducated), etc. Instead of being hired for a job to do a “Run in the Shadows” and then trying to find someone else to hire you, you’re hired to Protect and Escort him, even though he is a “Kick Ass Street Samurai” and you’re given high grade equipment (another riddle: Who’s paying for all of this?)

You can run the game straight up as if you’re thinking that this is SO Good that you don’t rock the boat or you can just catch the occasional clue.

I do have a hand-out and a few PreGens. We’re Online (using a Group member’s Discord) and I can also make a PC for you if you wish. (SR is a Point Build System where you use your Build Points for your Stats, Skills, and Money (to buy all of your weapons, ammo, vehicle, and other gear, as well as your lifestyle (do you live in your car and hope no one tries to steal it, starting off by trying to kill you? Or do you live in a reasonably nice Middle Class Neighborhood, or anything in between…)

See my ad in Looking For Players.

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