Fallen Angels by Side Room Games

This is another co-op card game I did through Kickstarter. The general gist is is it’s 1920’s Sydney Australia and the players take the role of law enforcement, and use the cards to convict local criminals. Each card has the mugshot of a real criminal of the time, with “hints” on the back of each card. there are 2 booklets included. One explains gameplay, while the other gives a history of Sydney at the time, including some of the criminals.
Looking online, it shows $13.99 on Amazon and $15 on the Side Room Games site. in comparison, I got the game for $12 during funding. I even managed to get 2 copies of the game sent to me. Not really a bad thing. Haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but watching a how-to on YouTube, the game looks pretty straightforward.