Experienced group of ex dms that just want to be players

Looking for a dm for dnd 3.5, PF1 or 2. Open to other game systems if overall group is open to it.

We like to play every other Saturday usually from 5 to 11 using Roll20 and Hangouts(open to other options)
Looking for mature 38+ or old souls. Military friendly, non woke

Hey bud(s) - i fit the demographic for sure: mature: check. 38+: check. Military Friendly: Check, non-woke: Double-check. Every other Saturday: Check. Willing to DM: Check

PF or D&D? Not check.
You sound like a cool group of dudes I would love to chill and game with; however those systems are not my favorite to run at all.

If you all would be interested in testing your feet in a different kind of RPG I would love to try it out with you all and allow you to have a test run on “Blades in the Dark.” That is my favorite RPG for the past 3 years and is something completely different and fun.

If you’re at all interested in trying to throw some of this stuff at the wall with me and see what sticks, respond and let me know. I’ll tell you all about Blades. If not - it’s all cool. D&D and PF are the two most popular so you’re bound to find a DM for that.

I see your time from is 5 to 11. I’m assuming PM; but what zone? I’m on the (very) “Left” Coast (PDT). Cheers fellas.

CST. If my googling is correct only 2 hour difference

I run a pathfinder 1e game and have 2 players, but I need one to 3 more to get a game going again. Could use a warrior and a cleric, as Tyrant’s Grasp is undead heavy. If you want more details, email me at funk0039@yahoo.com