Experienced DM looking to start a long-term pathfinder 2E campaign

I’m considering putting together a long-term pathfinder 2E campaign (not using the pathfinder setting, using a homebrew setting) for in person (if I can actually find people in my area) or online play (haven’t fully decided on what tools, etc we will use).

I’ve been playing TTRPG’s since 1988, and running games since 1991. I was thinking of the campaign being played twice a month (every other week). This is a fledgling idea, without specifics ironed out yet (such as, for example, day of the week and start time), so the sooner people get involved in the group, the more influence they can have over how these sorts of things pan out.

I’m looking for mature, intelligent players who do not subscribe to the monolithic value system and worldview that mainstream culture/entertainment/media promotes. Not looking for snowflakes, activists, identitarians, perpetual victims, etc. Also not looking for edgebros who think offending people is intrinsically virtuous either.

If you are interested, we can discuss further, to see if our gaming philosophies would be a good fit overall. Respond with any questions, or express your interest in a comment, and we can discuss further.

Thanks in advance for any interest!

EDIT: While I am interested in in-person gaming, it will likely be impossible to find enough players that meet the standards to join, in my area (volusia county florida), so this game will be played online on a VTT (haven’t decided on which tools to use, etc, yet).

Which area would that be?

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Sorry, I guess I overlooked addressing that question in the OP. This game will most likely be played online on a VTT (haven’t decided on specific tools that will be used yet), as it would be nigh impossible to find enough players in my area that will meet the standards to join. I’m in volusia county, florida.

Hey LORE, I would interested. Bonus** I can supply up to two or three like minded that would be interested(including myself) I am CST and can play on whatever online platform. Only downside is we have only played 1E Pathfinder. Would be willing to learn 2E. What day are you looking to play?

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That’s cool. Day hasn’t been set in stone as of yet. Do you have discord?

I do, although I barely use it…bigtroubleinlittlebentonville#0353

Sent you a friend request on there so we can chat.

Right now humble games has a pathfinder 2e bundle pdf so you can get the books cheap.

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Great tip! I Donated 15 just because. Thanks. You can get Core for 5. Cant beat it

Hi there, I’m interested as well if the day everyone chooses works with my work schedule. I live in Wyoming where finding any kind of RPG group seems to be impossible. I own several of the 2e books, but have never played it yet.

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