Dungeoncaster Let's get it to $10K

I was going to give you all another video today, but we have to address the fact the campaign went past $5k. So let’s move on to more important business.

We’re getting to the point where I need to provide more value here.

I had planned Kickstarting Dungeoncaster’s first setting book and would probably need about the same amount to recoup costs. But if we can raise enough on this campaign, I’ll do it now instead.

The Wyrmbreaks

A Highcaster setting, The Wyrmbreaks refers to the wild plateau beyond the Wyrmspine mountains that separate the cultures of the east from the wastelands and ruins of the west. Before the gods fell to the world and caused a global cataclysm, the western regions of Highcaster were settled by a continental empire. But now, it is in ruins and completely consumed with the corruption of the fallen stars.

Sound like a perfect place for dungeon-delving to me!

The Wyrmbreaks Setting book will include the following:

  • Locations, towns, points of interest
  • New cultures
  • New heritages
  • New paths
  • A bunch of monsters and NPCs
  • Procedural dungeon-building mechanics

The book is still in progress but should be about 100 pages. The only variable is completion–usually I like to wait for these things to be done before I add them to campaigns, but I think it’s important an official setting book come out as soon as possible, so you can see how to apply Dungeoncater to your own stettings. To save time, then, I’ll release it digitally as part of this campaign within 60-90 days and then make books available for purchase afterwards.

That is–IF WE REACH $10,000!

I’ll add this puppy to the campaign page ASAP.

Thank you all!

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It’s over 5k with 22 days to go. My (100% anecdotal, non-scientific) experience suggests the bulk of pledges for most projects come in the first week, then the last week. While I maintain the opinion I put into the KS feed (and someone else suggested a much better reasoning for the same idea), I expect this project to hit that 10k mark.


I’m looking forward to receiving it! :slight_smile: Highcaster is currently on my wishlist, will be hopefully purchased soon. :wink:

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We’re under $4k. Let’s get to $10K.