Who We Are

We’re a diverse group of varying backgrounds including several LGBTQ+. We’re all adults, but we cover a wide age range and have different levels of experience. Some of us just started playing and other have been playing for many years. We’re pretty laid back and no experience is required or necessary to join the fun.

What We Play

We play a variety game systems, and switch them around frequently. Currently our primary system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e with everything else mixed in. Take a look at the list of our past games on our website to get an idea of what we’ve been playing. We’re not limited to those games listed and are open to try something new or custom made.

When We Play

We play every other Saturday from 10a-2p EST via Zoom. We started as an in-person group in Durham, NC and most of our members are local. We found that being able to play remotely works best for us so we’re staying with that. If you every have a question about when the next game is, the schedule is posted on the front page of the website

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