“I can live two months on a good complement,” so said Samuel Clements. As a writer I get where ol’ Sam is coming from. Having someone tell you you did good is a high like no other.

I’m not even looking for that here. Not even close. What I see is some people talking, a lot of people looking, and no discourse. The start of many threads getting many views and no feedback? About as disheartening as talking to a brick wall.

Is it a social media thing? Did we stop talking to each other? I thought we would get at least text speak. The point of a forum was to get feedback from each other. I’ve seen some excellent feedback myself. At least two of my offerings have gotten me some excellent feedback that helped me improve both.

When you see a good post say something. When you disagree, say something. Do you want more information? Say something. Think it could be better? SAY SOMETHING. This is a forum of writers. I told Malissa Scott (Pro SF writer) that I had written a (at the time) 27 year game, her eyes got the size of saucers “That’s Writting Too!” said she. I have never forgotten that. We are WRITERS. Even if you never publish word one outside your own game, you’re a writer. Own it, name it and claim it as the Pentecostals say.

So my fellow writers, I ask on the behalf of my fellow writers that you toss some feedback out there. Enliven things a bit, get the blood and discourse moving. It’s your forum, no one will do it for you.

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