Demon Gate: the Broken Lord

The Broken Lord

A temple in the Ancient Forest of Myen Wu has long trained a group of powerful monks and mu dai known as the Iron Lotus Clan. Ever since weapons and magic were banned by the Oni that ruled this land, the temple has stood in defiance of their rule. Now something terrible has begun in the ancient woods and the locals have come to the temple for help.

System: Chaos System d20 versus, and dice ladder system for skills and attributes.

Setting: Demon Gate by Arcanum Syndicate

Tone: for this game we plan to have a heavy or dark atmosphere with some serious roleplay. This doesn’t mean it will be all grim dark, but it will be fun to all come at the story in the same angle and respect one another’s collaborative character design.

Combat: combat in this setting is very dangerous, deadly, but a lot of fun. I am a fan of letting players describe what happens after their rolls are made. I would say 60% RP and 40% combat.

Game Time: Right now I am looking for those interested in a bi-weekly game that runs around 10 PM EST. Days of the week are currently up in the air to see who can play on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Friday nights.

Disclaimer: this game has dark concepts, violence, racism, disease and much more. We are not out for shock value but these things may come up.

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