Demon Gate: Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy

About the Game

I use the Demon Gate setting which is part of the Chaos System. I run the game using a VTT called You would also need a mic to play but no video.

Demon Gate is a dark fantasy TTRPG that has a mix of ancient alien tech but all is considered magic. All races were once enslaved by the demon lords and dragged back to the planet Koth through these gates that were found on this planet. They forced all the races into thousands of years of slavery and forced worship. After all races united and brought down the demon lords they locked them away in Tartarus, a prison in one of the Nine Hells. Now thousands of years later these demonic entities are starting to be released and all manner of wickedness is returning to the world.

You play a group of survivors that have been living through three a month of darkness in the northern lands. A time of year called the Algor, where most lock their doors and board up their windows. However, a team has gotten lost out in the Algor, and we need volunteers to go find them and bring them back to their families.

When We Play

Looking to play bi-weekly with a group that are interested in fantasy/ horror and immersion. Looking for some good role-play and some brutal combat.

If you want to read up on the setting here

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