D&D Bolivia, NC area

Genres I like


Systems I like

I’ve played 1e, 2e, and 4e. I’m willing to try 5e.

Styles of games that I like

Balanced Roleplaying/Combat.

What I am looking for in a group

I would like a group that doesn’t have a rule monger. I’m willing to travel up to 1hr for a game.

My gaming availability

I’m usually off work by 5pm during weekdays and have weekends off. However I go back up to WV 1 or 2 times a month on weekends and most holidays.

Hey, I have a pathfinder 1e game going on weekend afternoons using Facebook video chat. I really don’t know how to use a VTT, I have just been describing the combat verbally, keeping it all in my head, I’m quite good at distance and positioning, but I do sometimes place minis on a mat and use that to keep track if there’s lots of enemies.
I run tons of the APs, I had just started Tyrant’s Grasp but had to fold because too many real life problems took out half my players. I still have 2.
I use the core rulebook, the Advanced Player’s guide minus the Summoner, and the Pathfinder Unchained book for monk, barbarian, rogue classes. I have tons of official races, archetypes, feats etc.
I do have sex modifiers to attributes that have resulted in half of the party being female voluntarily. Previously I kept getting male characters. Some races are totally androgynous, like elves, and don’t have sexual dimorphism. I have made little changes like giving clerics an extra 2 skill points each level, allowing ioun stones to stack with attribute pumpers, generally things that help out the players. Attributes tend to range from 10-20.
We could use a Cleric and a warrior of some kind.
This is an undead heavy campaign, so the Cleric is gonna be the main damage dealer. You can take over a character made for previous players for the role for awhile, get a feel for the game, and then make your own PC with my help so that your PC fills in some of the gaps the rest of the party has. Or, you can keep the former NPC and just dictate how it grows upon leveling etc.
Right now, we have a female player running a male goblin rogue that’s basically an assassin, and a male player running an evoker elf wizard that wants to make magic items for the party. Both players are reliable and friendly, the male has even more experience than I do.
I know a lot of people out there are heavily political, religious etc lately, so I ban real world issues at my table from both the AP itself and the players. I just wanna game, joke around, and generally have fun.
Quite willing to teach the game system, although in that case you should probably have me make the character according to your parameters. Basically the idea is that we create the character jointly, so that I can buff you up if you roll badly, or tell you about opportunities, weaknesses that you could patch up. I just don’t want players to make their characters in a vacuum, ie without considering the campaign or the rest of the party. That way, everyone has their own area of expertise, and can be the center of attention at times. It helps foster a sense of teamwork too. I know the campaigns pretty well, and I have over a dozen more I can run so this is a long running group.
I have Rise of the Runelords, Jade Regent, Shattered Star, Return of the Runelords, Reign of Winter, Mummy’s Mask, Iron Gods, Skull & Shackles, Hell’s Rebels, Ruins of Azlant, Carrion Crown (but we finished this one), finished Giantslayer but sold it, Tyrant’s Grasp, Strange Aeons. Been doing this for almost 30 years now. Yes, I am quite good at teaching the game. You can email me at funk0039@yahoo.com

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