Cute Pet Pics

This is sir Percival!


OK, not really a pet, except in my heart… but it is a cat and it is living on my property!

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This fuzzball is Shade. He is an 18 lb maine coon mix.

This miss priss is Noka. She is a 9 lb teenager who likes to talk alot.

This is Frankie who was watching for mommy, my wife, since it is his job to alert us if she is going to have a seizure. He was about 7 or 8 in this picture.

This is Pippin on the left, and his brother Merry on the right. Both 2 months old. Taken today.

This is a recent picture of my handsome Samwise, died the weekend after Thanksgiving, at 11, of cancer. Never was a cat more loved!

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Diana and Missy the fur sisters. Both have been gone for a while. Diana made it to 17, Missy to 19. The kittens of ferals born in my basement and yes liter-mates. They were sweet girls and very loving, don’t be fooled by the old lady cat grumpy expressions. (As opposed to an old cat lady.)

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Finnegan claims the Tree for catdom

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