Create/implement a Preview function for new posts

I’ve noticed that I can get a preview of how changes will appear when I’m editing a post, but no preview function seems to be available when I’m composing or preparing to create a new post. Could this preview functionality be made available for authors who wish to preview before save/submitting a post?

(Note: I was using the Safari browser to create the new post on my Apple iMac (latest OS, latest version of browser. Preview function appears fine (to the right as I make changes) during edit of an existing post).

(Solved/Resolved: @Farcaster indicated that the double less than/arrow symbols in bottom right corner can be used to show/disclose the Preview function. I must have inadvertently clicked it and hid the Preview function while I was drafting/authoring my new posts/topics. After clicking the hide/disclose symbol, the Preview is now displayed when drafting/authoring a new post).

I see it just fine on my PC. What device are you using to post with?

I edited my original post to include some technical details.

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That really helps. :slight_smile:
I use Windows 10 and Brave.

I see a preview on the right for all new posts.

Do you you happen to see a >> button on the bottom right of your post? That would have collapsed the preview.

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That’s the ticket - The Preview function was collapsed by the double arrows/less than symbols. I must have clicked it on accident.

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