Coming soon: Highcaster 2E

During the Kickstarter of Dungeoncaster, C. Grey announced he would be updating his original Highcaster game to remove any OGL 1.0a related material, and update it fully to his Dungeoncaster setting. He sent out a Kickstarter message to the effect the changes are finished and he is offering Kickstarter supporters a “special offer” for 2E, basically at cost plus shipping. Should I decide the game needs a new “At a Glance” review, I will do so then and compare the two versions, though I don’t believe there should be too many changes.

From the Kickstarter update: "I’m excited to announce that Highcaster has been upgraded to 2nd Edition. While the title is relatively new, we needed to relicense it from OGL to Creative Commons, and that required fundamental changes. Firstly, the setting-agnostic rules were partitioned out and developed further into Dungeoncaster (you can pick up a free SRD of that here or on DriveThru if you’d like a copy–it contains many of the setting-agnostic tables that were in Highcaster 1E). Secondly, the rules for Highcaster were refined to be Highcaster-specific (it wasn’t a huge change, but there were some changes). Finally, all setting-agnostic material was removed and replaced with setting-specific material.

In short, 2E has much more Highcater-specific content that was not available before. Anything taken out was preserved in the Dungeoncaster SRD, which is freely available if you want it."

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