is not like the others

No lies yet

I have not caught Anthropic’s AI in a lie yet. It’s still early, and I’m sure it will get “creative” on me and tell me tall tales.

Upload documents

It has a feature that none of the other I’ve tried has. It allowed me to upload a document as data for it to read, analyze and answer questions.
I uploaded my RPG rules to it and asked it for a few things:

  • Summarize this game.
  • Create an outline.
  • Explain the dice mechanics.
  • Explain the character creation process.
  • And asked the Claude to create a character. It did.

Through this feedback I was able to reword the instructions for clarity. Once the AI could figure out and explain the rules back to me, I figure I’m ready to playtest.

One page at a time

Claude limited its responses to my prompts to about a screen page’s length.

I’m not sure how open to the public it is, but Claude.AI has been nice, so far.

One SciFi game I was Going had a Sarcastic (AF) AI named Tom on the ship. One time they were looking down a shaft in an Allen’s Starship Base Hanger leading to something. Grab was 1.2g, Distance to the bottom was ~150 meters.

“Tom, how can we get down there fast”
(Tom replies) “Stand by the edge”
OK Tom, I’m by the edge"
(Tom) “Close your eyes and take two steps forward”
“What?!?!? Tom that would KILL Me!!!”
(Tom( "Picky Picky… "

Namely that was Fast and they forgot to add to the parameters of the question that he wanted to be alive! <<

I just starting giving it a go as well. Yep. Not bad. I couldn’t get it to read my blog online, so I tried uploading a PDF of that blog entry, but that was too big. So instead I copied the blog entry and pasted it into the window. It created a file for itself and then read it. I asked it to summarize what happened in the story that the blog entry describes. It did a decent job. I then asked it to estimate how much time took place in the story. It found all of the bits that took time and added them together and came up with an estimate. When I pointed out that some of the events took place at the same time as others it politely thanked me for pointing that out and recalculated a new time estimate which was closer, but still not quite on target. But still, I was very impressed. I’ll be touching base with claude 2 going forward. Fo shizzle.