Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 - 10 years old

Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is ten years old. I really liked the final product but the kickstarter failure destroyed much of the community around the game. I’m not sure anyone received a hard copy and some other extras were not delivered.

Anyone played the game? Have a favorite series?

I decided to draw up the characters from my series and release it on drivethrurpg. Maybe some old fans of the game will enjoy something new. The project is not associated with Spectrum Games.

Is this another version of Toon? One off beer and pretzel gaming. or something to build a multi session game around?

It’s more of a long term game than Toon. It’s more of a narrative game than a crunchy one. Traits can be anything. Using them in an action scene simply requires you to describe a logical way to use them. So if you have “taunt” as a trait you could use that to cause the enemy to run at you and smash into a wall as you dodge away. In shows they tended to indirectly fight. Instead of cutting an enemy with a sword, you would cut the curtain which falls on the enemy and traps them. That’s the general idea anyway.

Now if you can just get the Warner Brothers Orchestra to do the sound track.

That does not sound like fun for the technical gamer, but a total blast to the guy who can’t get that improv career started.