Carbyne Jungle Haedus 8B Deck

Somehow I’ve managed to forget to review this. I got this during the KickStarter NorCal Mythos did back in wonderful 2020. They offered a $20 tier, which got you the choice between either this or the 5E compatible Khieron’s Keep. Each version has 3 tiers of decks available. Khieron’s Keep tier one is levels 1 - 4, tier 2 is levels 5 - 10, and tier 3 is levels 11 -15. For Haedus 8B, tier one is the alpha/beta deck, tier two is gamma/delta, and tier 3 is epsilon/omega (highest level in Carbyne Jungle). Each deck is 101 cards (104 if you are lucky to get the Backer Only cards). They are full color, as appropriate, and include: map cards, encounter/conflict cards, monster/target cards, loot cards, boss cards, and NPC cards. Each deck (presumably for each game) is broken down into 3 missions, each with its own objectives and boss fight. Alternatively, you can grab a random map and target card and use it in your own mission or campaign. As far as the pdfs, you’re given everything needed to sort your way through the missions, including: hooks, how to use the different card types, and how to proceed whether you succeed or fail a room, as well as many charts, some of which need a die roll for an outcome or conflict.
As of 11/5/23, DTRPG shows prices of: $9.99/$14.99 for the pdf; $19.99/$29.99 for the deck only; and for the combo $19.99/$39.98.