Carbon Grey RPG - Foes & Factions (Dossiers From the Front) -- Magnetic Press and West End Games

This is the other stand-alone (I guess) supplement for groups, for the system. There is a solo-play module on the site for $29.99, and also a deluxe set ($149.99 gets you the hardbound rulebook, 21 detailed minis, casebound GM screen, 12 custom dice, double-sided world/battle map, and 140 enemy and item cars), which I don’t feel is too bad a price for what you get, but couldn’t personally justify the money. Of course, I’m the same type of person who would look at a game and go “I’d buy it for myself if it was someone else’s money (as in Christmas/Birthday), or a gift card to buy what I want.” As of 6/23, the pdf for Foes and Factions is $10 on Drivethru, and $20 for the print copy at The book is 44 pages and is in full color (as is the core rules if not mentioned before). The artwork is phenomenal. I can be a little easy to please where artwork is concerned, but this is next level. Not sure if any is lifted from the graphic novels or just done in the style of.
So this comes with 3 chapters and an addendum. Chapter One is some Dramatis Personae. People who were talked about briefly in the Core Rules. You get 2 versions of their story: an historical perspective (the propaganda-ish version) of the person, and the Marshall’s Journal Version (which is less common knowledge, and a little more of the reality, if not the truth), as well as NPC Stats for them. Some are still alive; others, not so much. Nothing stopping one from running adventures before said NPCs death though. Chapter 2 goes into The Powers That Be: Factions, Groups, and other Axis Powers. Chapter 3 is other high (ish) ranking NPC’s titled: Associates, Aristocrats, and Adversaries. The Addendum is a sextet of adventures broken down into a sextet of possibilities of who to stop, find, or otherwise come up with ideas for your campaign, all contained in one page.

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