Call of Cthulhu 7e-The Necropolis LFG

Looking for one more player. Also I’ll take people who are ok being on a waitlist in case of drop outs

What ancient horrors lie slumbering in a newly discovered tomb deep in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings? Are you allowing local superstitions and the unfortunate events surrounding the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb to play on your mind as you wait to step down into the darkness…

Pregenerated Characters will be provided. Newbie Friendly. Age minimum 18.

Content Warnings: Mummies, mild body horror

Safety Tools: X-cards, open table.

Audio/Visual: Will be using a Temporary Discord. Video is optional.
VTT: Dropping stuff into a Temporary Discord. Physical dice is fine and there will be a dice bot.

Length: 2-3 hours

Edit to add: I forgot date and time! July 22 8:30pm eastern

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