Books as Treasure

Books are listed, but outside of the great books of power you have nothing really.

Here is my work on creating books; appearance, condition, and content. Sorry, you still need titles.

DMG-A2_book_charts.pdf (458.6 KB)

Edit: That is a new uipload.


Did you forget to save the charts before you exported to PDF?

The fook? No I didn’t, that is freaking weird. We’ll try again.

@ValamirCleaver try again. I don’t know what happened but this time it has text in it.

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Very nice! Great list of titles too!
In addition to being plot tools and solution sources, I’ve always been inclined to tie in-game access to books to possible increases in Knowledge (specific) skills.

I appreciate the comments. I feel the same way and the list is my own desire to make books easier to create and use.

Great resource! Thanks!

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