Bi-Weekly In-Person Pathfinder 1E campaign in Chesapeake VA

I’m about to start a bi-weekly Pathfinder 1st Edition campaign, in-person at my house in the eastern Great Bridge area of Chesapeake, off Mt Pleasant between the 168 bypass and Centerville Turnpike. I originally had four players lined up, but one bailed on me, so I’m looking to add one or two more players.

This will be a gestalt Pathfinder 1E campaign, with a few house rules added.

I’m looking for other players whose weirdness matches my and my group’s own particular brand of weirdness. I want other players who are easygoing, work well with others, and understand that RPGs are, ultimately, social collaborative storytelling games. There is no room for big egos, spotlight hoggers, or others who can’t/won’t play nice with others at my table. If you have to be the biggest, baddest door-kicker in the party, can’t work with the other party members, or think that being a jackass at the table (“BUt thAt’S wHAt My CHARActeR wOulD do!!1”) equals roleplaying… feel free to take a pass.

It would be nice if other players were open to occasional non-gaming gatherings (occasional cookouts/dinners, hang out watching movies, and other assorted friend-associated activities), but not necessary.

I’m open to anyone, regardless of ethnicity/orientation/political affiliation/etc etc etc, as long as you mesh with us and aren’t a dick.

I’m not the best GM, but I love to game, so hopefully my passion and enthusiasm makes up for what I lack. If interested, please shoot me a message. Be prepared to meet up for coffee/beer at someplace close by my house for an initial screening, then to meet the rest of the group if I feel you may be a good match.

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