Barrels for Fun

My wife sent me the above. Might be useful in some game situation. Just don’t pull a Duke of Clarence. Or do if that suits you.


Thanks, we’re playing in a Pirate “infested” area in a PF(1) Campaign. I’ve got a keg of rum, since what is happening on the island we’re going to could be (probably isn’t), but could be, bad water.

I’ve decided (based on your list) that it is a Kilnderkin which varies in size depending on the period (currently rated at 16 gallons for Ale, and a slightly larger one for Beer rated at 18 gallons.) Mine holds 17 gallons of good Rum, and if I see Elizabeth Swan, I’m going to quickly hide it!!!

Hiding it from Jack wouldn’t work. He has…means.

I was referring to Elizabeth Swan (1st Pirates of the Caribbean) who burned all of the Vile Drink (Rum) that she could find!

Vs Captain Jack Sparrow who would drink it.