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For a man who is largely secular I spend a lot pf time on religion. Fantasy religion mind you. No crooks, or kiddydiddlers. (I have a very poor view of the clergy.) This is all to say that the work on the Religions of Thindacarulle is mostly done. I have a honkin’ thick book.

I might put the whole on my website. It is not a unified book. Each religion is its own file. I can post the table of contents here.

I still have a few to go. The Church of Blackmane (Racial religion, Tanuki) The Dwarven Lords, which I need to recover from an Amiga file format. A few more lunatic religions, Akatril, Orcus, However the mad dash that consumed me for two weeks is over.

On the good side the urge to get the Dwarven Lords file has got the Amiga desk cleaned off so I can set the Amiga 1200 up. Cleaning is good, sans the dust, I hate dust. Or rather dust hates me. Allergies you understand.

I’ve been quiet lately because of a health issue, I’ll spare people the details (not Covid) I’m on the upside and actually got a decent night’s sleep. Getting old sucks, still beats the alternative.

Yes that is a 17” 4:3 flatscreen monitor behind the book. Old Computers need old monitors. (I have a few CRTs in the attic.)

Religion Sphere
Centaur Gods Centaurs, family, nature, and other things.
Church of Creation Creation, Life
Church of Heaven All
Church of Kirt Hellreaver Life & Death, Sauroi, Adventurers
Church of Mephistopheles The Self, Hell, Haven
The College of Philosophers Books, and knowledge itself
Coran the Oathkeeper Oaths, warriors
Creeds of Abican Lust and fertility
Cult of Graz’zt Pleasure, Despots
The Disciplines The Changes of Life,L ankmar, thieves outcasts,
Església de Toshira Nagara All, the Domains
Fellowship of Plenty Merchants
Harimud of the Horseclans The Horseclans, the earth & sky.
Hospitallers of the Rose Healers
The House of Crafters Craftsmen, Women & Children
The Illuminati All
Judges of Tesral Justice and the Eyrian Empire
Magi of Abba Eecreeana Magic, magicians
The Men of Heln Angry Incels and Chads
Mielikki of the Foxfolk Foxfolk, wild things
New Æsir Working on it, All
The Olympian Gods All
The Orgy Gods All, more or less
The Romney Way Romney and Hindee Peoples
Shanti of the Women Angry Butch Dykes
Sharla of the Leomans Leomans, love, & beauty
The Vala All, The Quendi
The Way of Eternal Truth All
The Way of the Sacred Self All

That Amiga 1200. Bought Jan 1993. A thirty year old machine.


It’s beautiful. May your capacitors never bulge.

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I appreciate that. I lost one computer to that plague. That was “Half a Beast”, a Pentium 333.

We learned that below a certain point the speed of your machine does matter in “high speed” internet. We got cable internet with half a beast and wondered why it wasn’t that much faster than the old 56k modem. It was a lot more stable. Then I got the Gateway 1.8 gig machine and that flew.

Computer speed is no longer a factor. Those turtles at WOW can catch up to me.