Anyone in Hawaii wanna do.. something?

Genres I like

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, things… and stuff! (I love just about anything fun)

Systems I like

Pathfinder, DnD*s, CthululuTech, Shadowrun… anything really. I have a ton of systems that I have played.

Styles of games that I like

I like “story” roleplay but not like… really stupid roleplay where you cant laugh at something because someone will attack you. I love in depth stories and “stuff” so… yeah.

What I am looking for in a group

Id like to find a group that wants to have fun, but isnt like… drunk or high all the time to the point where we spend 4hrs just wasting time. I am not really looking for completely wacky stuff I guess

My gaming availability

I am easy and normally thurs - sunday I am good (later in the day hawaii time… or if you are in a different timezone I just need to know when to get online… in person would be a fun time for all

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