Another Superhero Game courtesy of GKG

Tiny Supers is one of Gallant Knight Game’s setting specific games in the Tiny D6 universe. By that I mean they have sci-fi, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic settings, but they are very generic and can make the “world” whatever you want (like, Tiny Frontiers set in the Star Trek universe). Here they put a ton of thought into the setting, some of which will be touched on here. Drive-thru has many options for this, all of which are color, no black and white. The PDF is $19.99; the standard hardcover is $35, while the premium is $54.99; the premium softcover is $49.99, while the standard is $30; the standard hardcover combo is $40, with the premium being $59.99; the softcover premium is $54.99, while standard is $35, as of 12/25/2022. The artwork is amazing as always, and done in more of a comic book style.
You play one of 7 archetypes, including: striker, gadgeteer, and expert. You get regular traits as well as superpower traits, in addition to archetype ones.
Now to the Gallantverse, Gallant Knight Games default setting. There are many locations in the 'Verse, but the main is Sentry City. It’s home to Sentry Force Prime, S.A.F.E., and a number of other organizations and people. The members of Sentry Force Prime are listed and statted out, as are some notable villains. It then gives some background and history on some of the more known groups in the city and even around the world. The Gallantverse section of the book alone is ~170 pages. Also included are 8 micro-settings if the Gallantverse alone isn’t enough.
What I like about the Tiny D6 line is how big the games seem to be with very little crunch. Whether the game is generic or more specific, like this one, it does allow for a bit of variety.