Annapolis MD - Mature gamer looking for regular games as player or GM

Genres I like

Sci-Fi, Sword & Sorcery, Mythic Historical, Pulp, Noir, Strategy/Wargames

Systems I like

Savage Worlds, Pendragon, d20 Modern, Stars Without Number, OSR games, Warhammer FRP, Diplomacy, Kingmaker

Styles of games that I like

Simulations, low-fantasy

What I am looking for in a group

Not an actor, so I don’t do voices and such (well), but enjoy it when others do (within reason); don’t mind others trying to win the game, cause I like that as well, but like to see everyone enjoying themselves when we get together to play; no real world politics; I like to play sub-optimized characters; don’t like being told I am playing wrong (happened when I got back into gaming during 4E)

My gaming availability

Weekends are good, Weeknights can work (depends on how far I have to go & length of sessions; I could do 2 to 3 sessions a month (more than that the Wife will be annoyed)


Hi, I run a 1st Ed. AD&D game (with some house rules) one Saturday a month from 2-7ish. I have three players and a 4th would be nice. I am in Falls Church, Va., and run the games at my place. I know that’s kind of far for you, but I thought I’d make the offer in case you’re willing to make the trip once a month. The setting is Greyhawk; PCs are mostly 3rd level.

Let me think about it and get back to you after the holidays. Which week? I have quarterly inventory the last Saturday of January, April, July, & October every year.

The Saturday we play varies from month to month; it depends on player availability. Each month I send out a link to a Doodle poll to get everyone’s availability and then set the day based on responses.