Alan Bahr's Gallantverse Campaign Guide GKG

This is yet another Kickstarter purchase. It’s full of more nuggets to add to your Tiny Supers game. One of the bigger nuggets is the “Cinematic Universe Campaign Method” wherein everyone creates a character and then there is a 1 - 2 session “origin story” for each main character, with all but one PC being minor characters (who may or may not return farther down the road) and tie threads along the origins and then go into the main campaign. Another addition is hero and villain points, which can aid in certain spots. There are also new traits and power traits for all your superhero needs. They’ve also included rules on creating a base or hideout. It gives information for size, AI, communications, detention center, etc.
Now we come to Gallantverse Europe. It includes: Ghoul Britannia, Cabinet 13, groups in Germany, France and various others. There are even groups included from across South America. They’ve even included a section on Atlantis and its role in the game.
Like the Tiny Supers rulebook, there are several purchasing options, again all in color. The PDF is $9.99; the premium hardcover is $39.99, with standard being $24.99, with the softcover versions being $5 less; the premium hardbound combo is $44.99, with standard being $34.99, with the softbound versions being $5 less as of 12/25/2022.